Linux System Engineer

Job description

As a system operations engineer, you will design and build the Connectis infrastructure platform for federated identity management. Your work will reach millions of end-users and is mission critical for many of our high profile customers. We expect you to become an expert on systems automation and security and we also expect you to expand your areas of expertise. Within this role you will educate your colleagues and our customers. We have various exciting projects and always strive to push the envelope with our work.

Our common vision

We move towards a new society where every person has a reliable reusable digital identity. This digital identity can be used to securely exchange information, engage into remote transactions and protect confidential data and devices.

This digital identity will be integrated into your phone, car, IoT devices and will - among other things - enable your fridge to order directly and securely at your grocery store. The emergence of global online trust between persons and organisations is a paradigm shift that will change the role of existing institution such as bank and governments.

The impact of this shift is immense, but vulnerable. We believe that a social enterprise like Connectis should lead the way to ensure a future internet with many new opportunities while maintaining citizen privacy and avoiding single points of failure. We want you to join us in transforming this vision into reality.

Some of the challenging tasks of a Linux system engineer

  • Create highly secure infrastructure solutions within our area of expertise;
  • Design and implement infrastructure solutions that maximize availability and stability;
  • Continuous review of the infrastructure to mitigate and minimize security vulnerabilities;
  • Monitor the databases and actively contribute to upgrade the performance and security or come up with other improvements;
  • Become an expert in various areas of systems automation and security;
  • Periodically prepare and share domain knowledge in knowledge sessions with your colleagues;
  • Support and educate colleagues about the architecture and help them utilize it to its full potential.


  • You have experience as SysOps engineer working with Linux/Unix, vulnerability scanning, networking and virtualization;
  • Bachelor level of thinking and experience;
  • Deployment frameworks experience such as Ansible, Chef or Puppet;
  • You have experience with troubleshooting and server hardening;
  • You speak, understand and are able to communicate in Dutch as well as in English;
  • Living in The Netherlands;
  • Infrastructure experience such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, VMWare (virtualisation), Apache, Tomcat, Cisco, Juniper, Nagios;
  • Knowledge of SSH, HAProxy, PKI, TLS;
  • You know how to work with high volume transaction environments.


  • Our company is governed through Holacracy giving you lots of opportunities for personal growth and creative freedom;
  • We will take good care of you with free drinks, fruit, lunch and fresh salads;
  • Nice company trips and social events;
  • Cool office with table football and table tennis, in the city center of Rotterdam near Central Station;

About us

Worldwide, digitalisation leads to an increasing variety of online authentication and authorisation solutions. Today’s issues in the world of online identification are complex. Privacy, security, fraud-detection, legislation and technical requirements are often contradicting each-other and lead to a challenging environment. 

Connectis is an identity infrastructure provider that connects organizations, sectors and nations Connectis was founded in 2008 and is part of SIDN since 2017. SIDN manages the .nl domain. The Connectis head office is located in Rotterdam. We also have an office in Bucharest, Romania and a customer service in Lelystad. 

Currently, over 350 organizations use our certified Identity Broker to identify over 14 million customers online. Using our software and e-Recognition tokens, over 50,000 organizations ensure that they can securely access a broad range of public and private services. 70% of all transactions within eHerkenning are performed using the infrastructure and products of Connectis. 

Our out-of-the-box solutions enable your customers to login using DigiD, eHerkenning, Facebook, Google, PKI-Overheid, eIDAS, Bank-ID/iDIN, Idensys and many others. With just one connection, we make sure that you and your organization are prepared to participate in this challenging environment.